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Dalton Fire Company


Nearly four months after becoming an official borough, Dalton was hit by tragedy.  In the wee hours of May 26, 1895, a train engineer aroused the sleeping neighborhood with his whistle to the “Great Fire.”  A large bucket brigade instantaneously assembled, but it was too late. An entire block burned to the ground including a general store, lumberyard, bakery and hardware store.

It became obvious that Dalton needed a fire department.  Citizens raised money through a country chicken dinner and the Dalton Fire Company #1 was born.  Initially, it was comprised of just one rickety two-wheeled cart and a siren call that had the telephone operator rounding up volunteer firemen through a party phone line.

The two-wheeled cart is still in the fire department, owned by the fire department today, serving as a reminder of the challenges and difficulties that had to be overcome for the company to arrive where it is today – an expansive department that answers over 200 calls a year in Dalton and the surrounding communities.

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