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Marley’s Mission

Marley’s Mission is a non-profit organization that provides equine-based therapy free of charge to children, and their families, who have experienced trauma.

At Marley’s Mission, we employ a team approach to helping children. Through Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, children who’ve suffered emotional trauma ranging from abuse and neglect to profound grief, can begin to heal. Join us as we celebrate a journey of hope.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) has shown evidenced-based efficacy in patients who have experienced emotional trauma and now suffer with depression, anxiety and similar symptoms. Research and observational findings have shown EAP yields a variety of psychotherapeutic benefits such as: confidence; self-efficacy; self-concept; communication; anxiety reduction, and most importantly… trust.

Marley’s Mission currently housed on a 32 acre campus in Newton Township, Lackawanna County, PA. The Mission currently utilizes twelve horses in its EAP program. Marley’s Mission employs a team approach to healing children who have experienced trauma. The treatment team includes a specially trained Trauma Therapist and an Equine Specialist. The treatment team has been educated in the internationally recognized Equine-Assisted Therapy Model (EAP) developed by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA).

The form of therapy used at Marley’s Mission does not include horseback riding. Rather, our work with horses and children is completed on the ground helping children develop solutions in their own lives and breaking barriers in their own healing.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations and contributions to Marley’s Mission are tax deductible.

To learn more about Marley’s Mission visit their website, MarleysMission.com.

There are many opportunities to give to Marley’s Mission. If you’d like to make a donation please click the link below.


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