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Spring Into Action – Community Policing Platform

“Spring Into Action” was the local launch to a major Community Policing platform in many local communities. together with local law enforcement, we are proud to announce the launch of “Spring Into Action” with the donation of twelve brand new 2017 Police Patrol Bicycles. The bikes were presented to Blakely, Archbald, Old Forge, Taylor, Carbondale and the Lackawanna County Sheriff’s Office.

Each of the Patrol bikes carries the same design as the other motor vehicles in each of the receiving departments’ fleet. The bikes are patrol ready with Emergency LED lighting, siren, headlight, utility bag and helmet.

The bikes will be used to strengthen the community policing efforts by each department.  Bike officers can better engage the public through direct, in-person communication to forge stronger community relationships.

Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies that support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.

Community policing, recognizing that police rarely can solve public safety problems alone, encourages interactive partnerships with relevant stakeholders. The range of potential partners is large, and these partnerships can be used to accomplish the two interrelated goals of developing solutions to problems through collaborative problem solving and improving public trust. The public should play a role in prioritizing and addressing public safety problems.

The key stakeholders in community partnerships which make community policing efforts such as “Spring Into Action” successful are:

Community Members/Groups

Individuals who live, work, or otherwise have an interest in the community— volunteers, activists, formal and informal community leaders, residents, visitors and tourists, and commuters—are a valuable resource for identifying community concerns.

Nonprofits / Service Providers

Advocacy and community-based organizations, such as neighborhood groups, that provide services to the community and advocate on its behalf can be powerful partners.

Private Businesses

For-profit businesses also have a great stake in the health of the community and can be key partners because they often bring considerable resources to bear in addressing problems of mutual concern. Businesses can help identify problems and provide resources for responses.


The media represent a powerful mechanism by which to communicate with the community. They can assist with publicizing community concerns and available solutions, such as services from government or community agencies or new laws or codes that will be enforced. In addition, the media can have a significant impact on public perceptions of the police, crime problems, and fear of crime.

Toyota of Scranton President, Greg Gagorik, stated, “We are proud to be a strong supporter of our law enforcement community. It’s an honor to assist the local Police Departments with their community policing initiatives.  It is with great pride that we provide these Police Bicycles to our surrounding cities and their Police Departments.”

In 2015, Toyota of Scranton donated five police bicycles to the Scranton Police Department. Chief Carl Graziano speaks of the impact of the bicycles in his community. “It becomes a conversation piece. Officers are out of their cars so individuals are more comfortable speaking to them than when they are in the car. It’s the core of community policing, getting close to the community.”

When asked how he feels about adding the Police Bicycles to his fleet, Chief Tim Trently of the Archbald Police Department states, “It will allow us to get closer to the citizens in our community. Right now, there are places we cannot patrol such as the parks and the Rails to Trails area. With the implementation of the police bicycles, our officers will be able to patrol these areas and interact with the community on a more personal level rather than driving past them in a police cruiser.”

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