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Scranton Fire Department


The mission of the Scranton Fire Department is to provide efficient and effective fire protection and emergency services to the citizens of the City of Scranton.

The department is dedicated to this mission, and has initiated fire prevention programs that are conducted throughout the community and local schools, through the use of a fire safe house (trailer). Since 1992, new hire suppression fire fighters are required to attend Harrisburg Area Community College for a 7 week course. Employment in the department is contingent on completing this course and attaining certification from HACC. The department will continue with public education and services as the needs arise.

Currently we are dedicated to addressing public safety issues that have arisen from the September 11, 2001 tragedy.


The fire department has been serving Scranton since 1866, the year Scranton first became a city. This first service consisted of an organized volunteer department (organizations) throughout the city and remained that way until 1901. Local fire historian Mark Boock has documented this department history from beginning to present, and is a vital resource for department history.

In 1901, the first paid fire fighters were authorized by city government. The city maintained a combination paid/volunteer system from 1901 to 1907, the year a full paid department was established. The department remains a full-time 24/7 department at this time, with a complement of 150 professional fire fighters protecting the City of Scranton.

With these uncertain times and the unforeseeable future, we here at the Scranton Fire Department remain committed to provide the best and most efficient public service and public safety protection available to the citizens of Scranton.


The City of Scranton operates 8 fire stations located within the 26 sq. miles of the city boundaries. During a normal tour, there are 10 apparatus and 1 command vehicle in service.

To learn more about the Scranton Fire Department visit their website here.

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