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Toyota of Scranton Donates Police Bikes to City

Toyota of Scranton recently donated five bicycles to the Scranton Police Department after Scranton officer John Wilding died in the line of duty. Wilding was chasing three robbery suspects when he leapt over an ivy-covered wall and fell. A witness claims that it was so dark that Wilding couldn’t see that it was a 15-foot drop below the wall. He died the same night from injuries related to the fall. The bicycle donation was to honor the fact that Wilding often patrolled on his police bicycle.

In honor of fallen patrolman John Wilding Toyota of Scranton held a fundraiser at their store. During the five-hour event, the group Spouses Behind the Badge sold shirts, signs and bracelets in honor of Wilding. There was also food, games and vendors, the times-tribune reported. The group has to date sold 3,000 t-shirts honoring Wilding. Another way to honor this officer who died in the line of duty is by helping other members of his police force. With the current Scranton police department bicycle fleet looking out of date, Toyota of Scranton stepped up to the place.

The dealership donated five 2015 Fuiji Police Patrol bicycles, each with insignia honoring John Wilding. The bikes are valued at $2,000 each. This donation comes just a few months after this dealership donated a 2015 Toyota Camry to the Scranton PD. Speaking about the decision to help out the local police force, Toyota of Scranton President, Greg Gagorik told the local Times-Tribune, “We, of course, were really touched by Officer John Wilding’s story. Everywhere you go, they’re stepping up, and it makes you proud.”

As Gagorik noted, his Toyota store is proud of the local police department, and as a result his store has reached out to help those who signed up to serve and protect. Toyota of Scranton is certainly a dealership that knows how to dig deep roots into their community and honor a fallen hero.

To learn more about the Scranton Police Department and all that they do visit their website here.


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